Money Moves

Author Cuts with Tara Nolan

Why Capital Sisters?

What is the
Farm Anyway?

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Don't Throw Your Engineer Under the Bus!

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Hand Drawn Figures

6 Degrees
of Separation

Chapter 1: Location, Location, Location

Chapter 2: Financial Myths That Limit Your Wealth

Chapter 3:
Wealth Creation is Not a Straight Line

Chapter 4: Strategic Thinking vs. Conventional Thinking

Chapter 5:
of a Good Investment

Chapter 6:
How Your Money Works

Chapter 7:
Where Your Money Lives

Chapter 8:
How to Spent Your Nest Egg

Chapter 9:
Build Your Plan

Chapter 10:
Wealth is a Team Sport

Chapter 11:
Putting it all Together

Chapter 12:
You Can Have Your Dream


Glossary of Key Terms

are you kidding me?


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Mindset Matters