Get it, Got it, Give it – Part Two

This is part two of my series. This is the part where you GOT IT. You are enjoying your years of hard work and retirement savings. When clients come to me around the age of 65, they are in that middle phase. There are usually two questions that I get asked by this group. The first is, “How do I enjoy retirement and know that I am not going to run out of money?”. The danger here is that clients can become so petrified of running out of money, that they don’t live well. They are anxious, stressed and uncomfortably frugal. The second common questions is, “Am I paying too much in taxes?”. This is where they need to be moving their money into tax free accounts. That way you don’t even need to be thinking about ever-changing tax laws or the market! If you are in this phase currently, I would love if you reached out to me with any other fears or concerns. I am happy to make video content on those ideas or have a one-on-one meetings with you to get you to a place where you can relax and enjoy this phase.

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