Questions to ask your Financial Services Professional

What do I need to know to start investing?

My advice to you: educate yourself.

I have worked with finances and financial planning since I was in college. I have helped numerous clients achieve their financial goals by working hard to assure myself that I know what I’m doing so I can be truly helpful to people.

That being said, I am continuously learning and I will keep learning until the day I die.

So as you take this path to financial success, research and read about things along the way. I am publishing a book this coming fall of 2021 called ‘Wealth is a Team Sport’ that is designed to be a tool in your financial toolbox.

One of my personal favorite ways to keep growing and learning is attending conferences. There is so much inspiration shared and it always fuels my fire. Other options are books, articles, podcasts, and radio shows.

Another great way to educate yourself is to ask your financial services professional questions. Don’t be shy about this. That is what they are there for. They are one of your greatest tools.

Don’t know what to ask?

I have the questions that I think are most important in the video below, but be sure to ask your advisors more questions then these three. Please add your own and pick their brains about all things on the path to financial success.

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