Your Trusted Financial Partners

What We Do

We love working through the puzzle of helping you to be your best self. It’s your money and we believe financial well-being begins with having the right balance of growth and guaranteed assets to ensure your food, clothing and shelter needs are addressed. In order for you to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams, we offer a comprehensive range of retirement planning services. In the market, we focus on active money management with downside protection. We tailor annuities and life insurance to protect you and your family. We can assist you in developing your overall financial plan to achieve specific goals through targeted tools including non-qualified and qualified–401(k) plans, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs.


We support businesses in their development of employee pension plans and educate plan managers and employees alike.


Our services start with a Comprehensive Planning Review. Our process has 5 steps to capture, analyze & update your financial plan as your life progresses.

Process Overview

Define Plans
and Goals
(Data Meeting)

Assess Risk &
Growth Meeting)

Match Solutions
w/ Your Needs


Track &
(Annual meetings)

Your Trusted Financial Partners

What To Expect At Our First Meeting

Here is what our experience will be like. It’s hard when you’re stressed about money and we love helping people find that good feeling in their belly when they are in control of their money situation. We begin by sharing how we get paid so you can remove this concern from your mind and understand we believe in full transparency in our relationship. Next, we will walk you through our planning process and answer questions you may have for us.
To get the most out of your first meeting, please arrive with your financial organizer completed to the best of your ability. The organizer is very thorough so just do the best you can-not every page will apply.

What To Expect At Our Next Meetings

We begin with the first three steps.

  1. Step one is to create an accurate snapshot of your present position.
  2. Step two is to identify any lateral changes we can make that will not affect the dollars spent from your budget (ie to maximize your allocations).
  3. Step three is to decide on the best “moves” to make to reach your financial goals. We will do this with a series of meetings. We try to keep meetings to an hour because any longer than that and the process becomes overwhelming. Our role is to show you your options so you can make the best decisions for yourself (of course, we will help). This process will be more in depth than you may be used to and we want to create a solid foundation to move forward into the future.


  • Data meeting-create an accurate present position
  • Protection Meeting-see how we can fill any “holes” in your financial bucket
  • Savings Meeting-make sure you have appropriate emergency funds
  • Growth Meeting-match investment tools to your risk tolerance and preferences
  • First Move-align your current investment structures

How we get paid

Most people want to know how we get paid and there are 3 different possible ways I get paid.  As we go through the process we will most likely have some recommendations for your money management.  If you elect to use our management services, we will be paid by the companies we have relationships with, so no checks from your budget.  If you want to just pay me for an overall plan that you execute on your own, then you can write me a large check  (people rarely select this option but it is available if you prefer).  The third way we get paid is by receiving 2-3 strong referrals from you (and most people elect to provide referrals instead of writing a large check).  As we go through this educational process, you will think of other friends or associates who can benefit from our services and we would like a referral to have an initial meeting.  Our business philosophy is based on taking care of you and when we take care of you, referrals become a natural result of the process.

Individual Planning

  • Financial Planning
  • Comprehensive Planning Review
  • College Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Trust Services
  • Transfers to Beneficiaries
  • Annuities
  • Charitable Endowment Fund
  • Charitable Partners Program
  • Retirement Planning
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
  • Individual 401(k) Accounts
  • Managed Accounts
  • Asset Management Services
  • Wealth Management Solutions
  • Asset Allocation


  • Individual 401(k) Accounts
  • Business 401 (k) Plans
  • Plan evaluations
  • Plan manager education
  • Employee education