The power of good savings habits

Your income does not necessarily define how much money is in your savings account. I have had clients who have made well over six figures, every year for the past 40 years, and have a dangerously small savings account. On the other hand, some of my clients make around $50k/year (pretty moderate depending upon where you live) and have a massive savings account that is prepped and ready for years of retirement living! Does this mean that how much money you make doesn’t matter at all? Of course not! You would obviously prefer to make more money! But more money is not the defining factor to building savings. The key to a good savings account is financial education.I challenge you to learn about different accounts that will make your money work for you. There are many options that can help you save exponentially faster. There are accounts that build significant compound interest, tax free accounts, etc. Learn about these things. You do not have to be living paycheck to paycheck. You do not have to constantly worry about retirement savings. You do not have to let money be a regular point of stress for you.Is this easy? Of course not! It takes work, but like many things, it is rewarding work. I would be happy to meet with anyone and talk about some of your savings options. Do the work and reap the reward.

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