Why do I always say, “Wealth is a Team Sport”

If you know me, even slightly, you have probably heard me say that wealth is a team sport. This is not just a phrase that I throw around. It is something that I believe makes a difference in your financial picture. There are so many resources available and so many financial service providers that should be utilized.

I find that many of my clients struggle to start working with an advisor or planner because they feel that they should not be relying on anyone else to manage their money. Please put this idea out of your mind. Financial experts are here to assist you!

You do not earn points by doing it yourself.

You may have a personal advisor, insurance agent, real estate investor, planning attorneys, etc. These people tend to all work separately, with you trying to communicate between them. This creates a constant battle of trying to keep up with who has what information and financial records. When we are able to get all of these financial professionals on the same page, you will be amazed at the difference it can make. Wouldn’t you like to have a team of six experts working together to create the lifestyle you want?

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