Why are you making money?

Why are you making money? This may seem like an odd question. Most of my clients seem slightly caught off guard by this.

We are trained from day one that more money is better, which generally I would agree with, but you must dive deeper than that to be successful with your money.

Obviously we need money for essentials such as groceries and rent, but I am talking about what inspires you to make money past that.

This is the first thing I speak with my clients about.

Everyone has a why, but not everyone has realized it. I help people nail down why they actually want more money. It is something that makes most people pause and think about the thing they’re passionate about. It puts a spark in their eye when they talk about it.

For me it boils down to experiences. Mostly, that comes in the form of my horses. Being able to have them in my backyard, especially during COVID, has been such a huge blessing. So I work hard for the experience of riding with them daily and that deep convection that I have with them. They are my motivation.

So be careful how you think of it. Money is NOT the end goal, and if you think that it is then I encourage you to reevaluate. That will be draining and you will find yourself joyless down the road. Finding your why will help you prioritize and plan well.

Working for money is exhausting and fruitless, but working for something you’re passionate about is rewarding and worthwhile.

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