Financial Confession

We all know that finances are emotional. There is quite literally a lot to lose so it is often stressful. I started to think about holistic planning when I first started noticing people’s anxiety around money. Why would we not create a plan for you that calms your specific stress? For some of my clients, this means having drastically more in an emergency fund than is really needed. Everything I do is in the best interest of my clients, so if that means that they need more money in a certain account in order to feel safe, that is what we will do! In the video for this week, I’ve given more client examples!

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Do you ever feel like you need a guide to help navigate your retirement? Retirement can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be! Listen in to learn more about strategies to help create a reliable, long-term retirement and access your COMPLIMENTARY Retirement Income Toolkit. YOUR Retirement Income Toolkit provides you with information to help make sound decisions and build a retirement on a more solid foundation that may stand the test of time.